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Joining Made in Nevada is free, easy and offers many rewarding benefits for your business.

To be eligible for membership, you must sign a “self-attestation” form in your application that states your product(s) meet the Made in Nevada criteria.


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The product you create or add value to has to be made, grown, or enhanced in the state of Nevada, and the end product is worth 50% or more in added value. This category also includes restaurants that use Made in Nevada ingredients in their menu items.

Retail Stores/Online Retailers

Must carry a variety of Made in Nevada registered products in their regular inventory.

Logos can then be used on interior and exterior signs, posters, and printed materials designating your store carries Made in Nevada products. Only producers are eligible to place logos on actual products, however.

Restaurants, Bars, Etc.

Nevada-based food and drink establishments serving menu items containing Nevada-grown/made ingredients. Foods/drinks must be considered ready to consume by the purchaser. Establishments selling ingredients that must be finished/prepared by the purchaser (stores, farmers markets, roadside stands, etc.) are not eligible.

  • Must join the free Made in Nevada program as a restaurant/bar (includes mobile food trucks) or as a producer with a distillery, brewery, winery, or cidery
    • Restaurant members must source as many locally available ingredients as reasonably possible while consistently using a major Nevada ingredient (e.g., beef or Nevada flour for pizza crust)
    • Bar members must serve a significant selection of Nevada-produced spirits or have brews on tap
    • Spirit/beverage tasting rooms must use Nevada ingredients, such as Nevada barley, wheat, hops, honey, or fruits, in the production process.
  • Must promote use of Nevada-sourced ingredient(s) on the menu, menu board, specials list, or other location


  • The owner of the farm must reside and/or own property or a business in Nevada.
  • All agricultural products marketed under the NevadaGrown logo must be grown in Nevada.
  • The Farm must grow or raise the agricultural products that it sells.
  • NevadaGrown promotional materials including the logo are restricted in use to Partners in good standing.
  • The Farm must offer the products for sale commercially.

All processed agricultural products marketed under the NevadaGrown logo must contain a minimum of 50% ingredients that are grown in Nevada.

Producers using the NevadaGrown logo must have a current producer’s certificate, nursery license, and/or organic certification from an agency accredited by the USDA National Organic Program  that confirms Nevada production.

Permission to use the Made in Nevada and NevadaGrown promotional materials including the logo can be withdrawn for failure to adhere to Program agreement.

HOW TO SIGN UP: Choose the “Become a Member” option above. After we approve your registration, we’ll contact you and send you a package with more information and collateral materials.


Made in Nevada offers a select number of exclusive sponsorship packages to qualifying Nevada businesses. Our Supporters enable us to continue our mission and offer more to Made in Nevada members. For information on becoming a Made in Nevada Supporter and information on the different tiers available, please contact our head of member relations directly at:


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Made in Nevada is proudly supported and funded by the Nevada Small Business Development Center and the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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