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The Made in Nevada logo is a salute to our state’s wild and rich history. It is a badge of honor created from the pride for Nevada’s business landscape and unique character. The logo is our stamp of approval for consumers looking for authentic Nevada artisans, manufacturers, growers and craftspeople. .

Grown in Nevada

Grown in Nevada is a partnership with the Nevada Department of Agriculture, creating a culture of rich agribusiness that promotes our Nevada ranchers, growers and dairies. This partnership allows consumers the confidence of buying certified Nevada grown products while supporting local economic agricultural growth.

Made in Nevada Native American Owned

Made in Nevada Native American Owned offers consumers products that highlight the rich Native American culture in Nevada. We are home to 1796 Native American owned firms and 27 Nevada tribes, creating traditional arts and crafts and innovative new products. Use of the Made in Nevada Native American Owned logo honors the tribal nations that call Nevada home and prevents illegal buying of American Indian Arts and Crafts.

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