Morgan Gottier’s grandfather returned to Reno from his deployment in the Marine Corp. after WWII to build a family and a livelihood. He grew his family and influence in the community, helping to construct many well-loved buildings throughout Northern Nevada. Now, 70-odd years later, his granddaughter, Morgan, is elevating the same Silver State spirit that has served her family so well.

From marketing director, to stay-at-home mom, to entrepreneur, Gottier has been driven by the Battle Born work ethic imparted by her ancestors. This Nevadan identity inspired a dream to build a clothing brand that echoed those same hardworking values. “My grandfather was a very big part of my life growing up and he taught me what it means to be proud of the place you call home, the community you are involved in, the state that has provided so much for your family. I wanted to share that with other Nevadans,” said Gottier. “That history inspires me and the designs that we create.”

After her children came of age, Gottier had time to invest in her dream and founded ‘State 36 Clothing Co.’ in 2016. The name, a reference to Nevada’s inception into the United States, reflects the history and mystique of her native Nevadan family. For the next three years, Gottier began building her clothing brand from scratch. “I juggled trying to learn the clothing industry, build relationships and create a name in my community for my business. Through the help of family and friends, working long hours, and selling at pop-ups, we have grown to the place where we could open our first store front.”

But it hasn’t all been easy. Gottier’s husband created a web-development services company in 2008, but the difference between managing a service-based business and product-based business like ‘State 36 Clothing Co.’ presented new challenges. While her husband’s web-based services offered immediate solutions, there was a steep learning-curve behind understanding the supply chains and timeframes necessary to sustain a clothing company. To overcome this, Morgan reverted back to her family’s hardworking mentality. “The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that I am in charge of my destiny as a business owner,” she says, “What I put into the business equals the outcome.”

Gottier’s discipline, work, and adaptability allowed her to open up her first brick-and-mortar location in Reno’s beautiful southwest neighborhood. “Our store front has given us the opportunity for our customers to see in person the quality products we are offering and unique designs for the whole family.” Made in Nevada’s Winter 2020 BizBash networking party was held at the new Arlington Gardens store, (Made in Nevada member Tahoe Timber can be found in the same shopping center), and the creative designs and detailed craftsmanship of State 36 Clothing Co. received a lot of attention from those in attendance. “Made in Nevada has helped connect us with resources, other entrepreneurs and has helped to introduce us to new customers,” said Gottier of the statewide marketing cooperative.

The desire to incorporate as much local identity as possible in her brand coincides with the Made in Nevada mission to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs throughout the Silver State. Using local materials, suppliers, and distributors, Gottier exemplifies the ideals of the local manufacturer. “Our main priority of ‘State 36’ is to keep everything as local as possible. With the continued growth in the Silver State, we are excited to be able to source more and more products from Nevada in the future,” she said. The drive to sustain her dreams, family, and community has the ‘State 36 Clothing Co.’ brand on an upward trajectory, and increased attention from partners across the state. To combat the current economic climate, ‘State 36 Clothing Co.’ is offering free shipping on all orders while their storefront is closed. ‘State 36’ is also offering discounted gift packages (complete with customizable greeting card) to keep up the spirits of your loved ones during these times. For more information on this Made in Nevada business, visit their website at